| For The Love Of Patch | Space Travel Patch |

| For The Love Of Patch | Space Travel Patch |

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PatchEcology takes lightly worn flannels, button ups, jackets, or other styles of apparel and hand-sews unique patches to the shirt pockets to give them an individualistic, one of a kind look. We upcycle used clothes and old models that have gone out of season in order to reduce the demand for new clothing while still providing stylish and beautiful clothing options to suit your wardrobe!

Size: 3.5 inches long X 2.3 inches wide

Patch (Solo) : $9.99

Build your own shirt:

Tier 1: $84.99

Tier 2: $69.99

Tier 3: $54.99

| ♻️ Recycled apparel patched to perfection |

| From Garbage 🗑️ to Gifts 🎁 since 2017 |

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