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Hey All,

Starting off the New Year on a good note over here at PatchEcology! Trying to hold myself accountable to checking in to the website more often and sharing some thoughts on the blog. I want to share the PatchEcology journey with you all, and I encourage all my customers and fans to check in as well!

Just want to start this blog off by saying how grateful I am for all the support PatchEcology received in 2018! What a fantastic year for PatchEcology it was! Sold over 100 shirts, participated in markets all over New York and Colorado, and I started my official website! It has been so much fun to grow, but I could not have done any of this without support from all of you.

I bought patches from several different local makers and a couple different design companies! I couldn’t complete my art without the creativity of others. I couldn’t thrift my shirts without the possibilities created by multiple thrift stores. And most importantly, I couldn’t sell my shirts without the enthusiasm and support from all my fans, friends, family, and loyal customers! Thank you all for your help in validating my concept of rejuvenating lightly used clothing simply through the modification of unique patches. It is a thought that originated in the mountains in August 2018 and has spun into a whole category of it’s own. I just want to retierated that I could not have done it without the support from all of you!

I’d like to end this first blog post with a special shout out to someone who went above and beyond this year for PatchEcology. A couple of times when I order patches, I get sent wrong patches or they send my order out late. I ordered some amazing Star Wars patches from Bourn Adventure and they did not arrive in time for me to use them in one of my markets. Baker (who owns the company) caught his mistake later on in Fall 2018 and sent a package filled with some of his new designs and old patches! It was customer service at its finest. As a small business myself, I know it’s hard to follow up on order errors and resolve every little issue with each customer. Baker went above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied with my experience at Bourn Adventure! I have used several of his patches in my collection and will continue to do so moving forward! Check out one of the shirts I made with his patch here—> North Face Rain Jacket

For awesome star wars and outdoor themed patches, check out the Bourn Adventure collection at: https://www.bournadventuregear.com/

Signing off on the first blog post and I look forward to regularly checking in here as much as possible in 2019! Feel free to directly reach out to me with any ideas, questions, etc —> ross@patchecology.com

Thanks for your time and Happy New Years y’all!

-Ross Van Osdol