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Hey All,

Thanks for checking in to follow the PatchEcology journey! Lots of exciting things in the works since the beginning of 2019! Collaborating is the name of the game this year, and I am trying to work with as many different entrepreneurs and dreamers as I possibly can fit in my schedule. If that calls to you, please reach out. Or if you have any advice or opinions to offer that may help, please reach out : ross@patchecology.com

It has been an exciting start to 2019. I have been feeling more and more urged to commit to PatchEcology as a business and see how far I can take it since the success I experienced over the Holiday season of 2018. I have recently stepped away from my day job in an attempt to give PatchEcology the full attention it deserves. While this is a scary step that makes me a bit anxious and nervous, it also feels rejuvenating and exciting to take a gamble on myself and my sustainable clothing concept. If any of you reading this have had similar experiences, please reach out and connect as I could use all the support in the world moving forward. Onwards and Upwards to 2019 and how wide I can expand PatchEcology’s reach!

In other exciting news, I got a new sign for my booth set up! I was fortunate enough to meet a woodworking pro at one of my Holiday events down in Denver. He loved one of my items from the collection, and we decided to make a trade. James Davis outdid himself and hooked me up with an amazing one of a kind sign that perfectly encapsulates what PatchEcology is all about. James electrifies wood to create unique shapes in his woodworking projects. He took a piece of old wood that had been lying around in his shed/workshop and got it laser engraved for me. The product (shown below) ended up being better than anything I imagined when I first agreed to make the trade. Interested in any wood projects? Need some one of a kind cutting boards, furniture, or artwork? Well James Davis is your go to guy! Check out what he can do —> James Davis Designs

Only two weeks into the new year, and I already have my first official collaboration with James Davis to promote my new signage! Thank you so much for electrifying that piece of wood to perfection and getting it laser engraved for me! BUT that is certainly not all! There are other exciting opportunities in the works as well:

(1) An exciting opportunity to partner with a local outdoor clothing company is in the works where I would take there old out of season and lightly used gear and upcycle it into my collection while supporting a charity together with a 10% donation of all sales! (Fingers crossed this moves forward)

(2) Another idea is brewing to work with an amazing Bluegrass festival in Steamboat Springs and Lake Tahoe called Winter Wondergrass. This is till in the early phases, but I am hoping to team up with them to bring my collection to the festival and make special shirts with their logo, the bands participating, and the mountains surrounding the areas where the events are held! (Also fingers crossed this idea comes to fruition in the next few weeks!)

(3) Lastly, PatchEcology will without a doubt be partnering up with a Charity in the next month or so to donate 10% of all future sales to an outdoor/sustainability based charity. TBD on which one exactly that will be , but please reach out if you have any good ones in mind that would work well with my clothing concept!

Well that is about it for now! Stay tuned and make sure to follow the PatchEcology journey on Instagram to stay informed about the exciting new changes PatchEcology will continue to undergo as 2019 moves forward! Excited to be fully committed to PatchEcology and it’s growth without any other distractions, but I must admit I’m a little scared and anxious too. Any fellow entrepreneurs who can relate, please feel free to reach out and offer any advice you may have about when you made the switch from your part time or day job to committing to your passion project full time!

Aaaand don’t forget to check out the SHOP — Use Discount Code: THEPERFECTPATCH for 20% off your entire order all month-long. Don’t wait if you’re thinking about committing as the sale goes away February 1st in preparation for the upcoming Spring Market Season!

Thanks for the support and please reach out regarding any interests you may have with PatchEcology!

Cheers and all the best,

Ross Van Osdol