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Patch Perfection:

Upcycling with a Twist

PatchEcology was conceived from a desire to create one of a kind shirts by giving life back to used clothing.  I found patches to be the perfect addition for modifying vintage shirts into unique specialty gifts.  It started off with the Colorado flannels where I turned my passions of hiking, skiing, climbing, and exploring Colorado into a collection of one of a kind shirts.  From there, the concept exploded.  Need the perfect shirt to commemorate hiking that 14er?  Want to proudly support your favorite national park?  Need to rep your hometown or favorite state?  Or maybe you just want to add a bit of vintage to your wardrobe?  Whatever your passion is, PatchEcology can create the perfect shirt for you.

One of a Kind

Quality Shirts

|*Our Q Squared guarantee : Each shirt and patch is selected from high quality brands or producers and meets our qualifications for creating one of a kind shirts |

At PatchEcology, we make sure all our flannels and shirts are made with intention and purpose.  We search endlessly for top brands and shirts in the best of conditions.  Quality is an essential part of our mission and we'd much rather make 1 perfect shirt than pump out 10 average ones.  We take pride in affirming each shirt is worth the time and energy spent during the creation process.  Each patch is meticulously selected and hand-sewn with precision and care.  Our standards revolve closely around producing shirts that are unique in style and stand out amongst the average.  We never produce the same shirt twice and we take careful consideration that each shirt meets our Q Squared* guarantee. (Quality Qualified*)


The Colorado Flannel Collection

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Shirt Critics* Are Raving 

"The newest, used shirt you've ever worn"

- Valued Customer

"The best outdoor flannel ever created"

- Trustworthy Supporter 

*These are absolutely, positively real reviews, 100% certified and approved by real people.


The Smokey Shirt Collection

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Revitalizing Used Clothing:

Flannels with a Story and Purpose

How could I use my love for thrifting and combine it in a way that promotes sustainability?  How could I create one of a kind gifts without contributing to the demand and use of more resources?  Out of a desire to create the perfect birthday present for my best friend and a magical weekend of inspiration camping in the Indian Peaks Wilderness, PatchEcology was invented.  After the first shirt was created, my passion for thrifting and finding the perfect patch to match each shirt spun out of control.  Fused with my passion for the environment, I had found the perfect project worth developing and improving.  Fast forward a few months later: Hundreds of shirts created, several flea markets attended, and encouraging feedback from friends, fans, and family... With a little effort and a lot of luck I've managed to share my vintage one of a kind flannels with several happy customers! Come check out the collection and hopefully you can find a one of a kind shirt that helps you stand out from the crowd!