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Patched Perfection: Upcycling with a Twist

PatchEcology was conceived from a desire to create one of a kind shirts by giving life back to used clothing.  I found patches to be the perfect addition for modifying vintage shirts into unique specialty gifts.  Need the perfect shirt to commemorate hiking that 14er?  Want to proudly support your favorite national park?  Need to rep your hometown or favorite state?  Or maybe you just want to add a bit of vintage to your wardrobe ?

Whatever your passion is, PatchEcology can create the perfect shirt for you.

One of a Kind Quality Shirts

Our apparel is made with intention and purpose. 

We search endlessly for top brands and fabrics in the best of conditions.  Quality is an essential part of our mission and we'd much rather make 1 perfect shirt than pump out 10 average ones.  We prefer slow made fashion over fast fashion. Each patch is meticulously selected and hand-sewn with precision and care. We never mass produce and we make certain that each shirt meets our PatchEcology production quality standards.


Critics Are Raving 

“ This is the newest-feeling, used shirt I’ve ever purchased “

— Lauren from The Horseshoe Market (Denver)

“ Simple, but brilliant! I love the variety in your collection”

— Jared from the Phoenicia Flea (Upstate New York)


Revitalizing Used Clothing: Flannels with a Story

How could I turn my addiction to thrifting into a sustainable clothing company that creates one of a kind shirts?  This was the original thought that sparked this concept. I wanted to create one of a kind items with a story and a purpose. My love for thrifting fused with my passion for the environment helped me discover the perfect project worth developing. With a little effort and a lot of luck I've managed to share my shirts with 100+ people in 2018! I am humbled by the amount of support we received last year, and I am excited to grow the concept further in 2019!

Thanks for your support of PatchEcology!